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The UW We Deserve! Organizing Kickoff

Organized by AFT-Wisconsin Higher Education Council locals across Wisconsin, this kickoff will connect you to your fellow workers at campuses across the state.
Register today to get information on how to attend:
A decade after Act 10’s abuses against workers’ rights, UW faculty, staff, graduate workers, and students are facing multiple unprecedented crises. Devastated budgets -- already slashed by the legislature -- threaten us with layoffs, furloughs, shuttered programs, and closed comprehensives. COVID-19 threatens the safety of Wisconsinites, with solutions from the UW System indicating a clear priority for bringing in tuition dollars rather than prioritizing worker and student health. Meanwhile, Black Wisconsinites and their allies protest in the streets, demanding justice for brutality at the hands of police -- inspiring us to take action and build antiracist universities.
We must organize. Through the months-long organizing effort to criticize the anti-democratic UW System search process, and through fast-acting activism, we were able to not only defeat Jim Johnsen’s unacceptable candidacy for the UW System President position, but our activism also bolstered colleagues at the University of Alaska in demanding -- and winning -- his resignation. Our actions are powerful.
At this kickoff, you will:
  • Hear about our organizing win against Jim Johnsen and the UW System President Search
  • Learn about a statewide organizing plan and how you can be a part of making UW the university we deserve
  • Meet with other higher ed workers across the state to move forward on action
When we organize, we win!

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